Common Pool Issues That Requires a Fast Fix From Pool Repair Experts

As pools age, some common issues can arise. However they can be a fast fix if you notice these small issues and call reliable and dependable pool repair experts before they become a bigger problem.

Blisters and Cracks
Plaster can blister and crack over time with exposure to the sun and elements and so can other areas of your pool. And due to the shifting earth in Texas cracks can cause flood damage or pool foundation failure if left unchecked. Look for these sorts of things early and get them repaired before they become a major problem.

Drain Cover Damage
Many pool drain covers are only given a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. Covers are stamped with an expiration date and must be changed out based on date of install. Check your drain cover for damage and expiration. An improperly working pool drain can be a safety hazard.

Ladder Problems
A loose or unstable ladder can pose a safety risk and can easily be fixed or replaced by a professional. Not only that, a damaged or rusting ladder can bring the whole look of you pool down.

Speaking of rust, besides being aesthetically unpleasing, rust can be a sign of a bigger issue such as the structure or rebar of the pool. Always try and find the source of the rust and call a professional for help.

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