Landscape Lighting Design Tips

As a Southlake pool builder we care just as much about the atmosphere of your poolscape after the sun sets as we do during the daylight hours. Creating a magical evening with landscape lighting design allows you to enjoy your pool longer. Here are some design tips for creating a romantic evening retreat in your own backyard.

Mark Parameters
One of the most important reasons for lighting your backyard is safety. Not only does a lit path look beautiful at night, it also allows you to navigate without fear of stumbling. There are a number of ways to mark your pathways including lanterns, string lights, and so on.

Eye-Catching Light
Using different colored lights across your backyard can create a visually interesting landscape. It can also create zones by lighting your pool a different color than you plants or your patio. You can also change the colors depending the mood you’re going for.

Uplighting & Moon Lighting
Uplighting of trees can make for a bolder, more dramatic effect. Lights are placed at the base of the tree and draws attention to the canopy.

If you’re looking for a softer light for a more romantic vibe try down lighting your trees, also known as moonlighting. This is typically done with a cooler light (or blue light) to give the illusion of moonlight streaming through the leaves.

Wall or Water Feature
If you have a feature wall or a low wall that may be hard to see at night lighting your walls can be a beautiful way to showcase your hardscape.

Water features lit from within for a calming effect or up-lit to add drama to your backyard.

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