What Makes a Great Pool Design?

As a Burleson pool builder we are often asked what makes a great pool design? The better question is what makes a good custom pool builder. Here are 3 things to look for when choosing a pool builder to great a great pool design for your backyard.

Pool Design
Not all custom pool builders are created equal. Awards are an indication of past jobs well done, but the goal is not to win trophies. The mark of a truly talented professional is the ability to create a pool that perfectly compliments the unique taste of the client. The first step in the every personalized creation is collaboration. You want a pool builder that will create a custom pool with your vision in mind.

Attention to Detail
Conceptualizing a world-class design is only the beginning. Bringing these visions to life is all about execution and functionality. Design also extends beyond the pool itself to the landscaping, lighting, patio, and design of your home. You want a pool builder that takes all of these things in to consideration and has the expertise to unify them.

Pool Features
A good custom pool builder will give you only the features you want and that will benefit your lifestyle whether it’s an elegant water feature or a swim-up bar. If it’s energy efficiency and ease of use that’s your priority you need someone who will help you find the best option for you.

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