Summer Pool Maintenance Tips to Start Off Your Summer

Summer is here and it’s Dallas pool season. But before you go for a dip this summer, start your summer off right with these pool maintenance tips.

Skimming and Scrubbing
To get your pool in pristine condition, it’s time to skim and scrub your pool, or hire a professional to do it for you. Skimming is particularly important if you don’t have a pool cover, this gets rid of debris that falls into your pool. Scrubbing the sides of your pool breaks up algae buildup as it can make the edge of your pool slippery.

Clean Your Pipes
As your pool drains, there will be leaves and other debris that build up in your pipes and filer. It’s recommended to clean your pipes at least once a month and your filter once a week. After clearing out your filter put on backwash, this will also help clear out your pipes. Just remember that turning your filter on and off can cause it to crack so put it on a timer so that it runs every six hours.

Pools can be a breeding ground for bacteria, that’s why you need to test the chemical levels in your pool once a week. Keeping your chemicals at the right level will make sure that you and your family have safe, clear water to enjoy all summer.

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