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What Makes a Great Pool Design?

As a Burleson pool builder we are often asked what makes a great pool design? The better question is what makes a good custom pool builder. Here are 3 things to look for when choosing a pool builder to great a great pool design for your backyard.

Pool Design
Not all custom pool builders are created equal. Awards are an indication of past jobs well done, but the goal is not to win trophies. The mark of a truly talented professional is the ability to create a pool that perfectly compliments the unique taste of the client. The first step in the every personalized creation is collaboration. You want a pool builder that will create a custom pool with your vision in mind.

Attention to Detail
Conceptualizing a world-class design is only the beginning. Bringing these visions to life is all about execution and functionality. Design also extends beyond the pool itself to the landscaping, lighting, patio, and design of your home. You want a pool builder that takes all of these things in to consideration and has the expertise to unify them.

Pool Features
A good custom pool builder will give you only the features you want and that will benefit your lifestyle whether it’s an elegant water feature or a swim-up bar. If it’s energy efficiency and ease of use that’s your priority you need someone who will help you find the best option for you.

Providing the Ultimate Backdrop for Your Luxury Pool

As a Hurst pool builder we know the value a luxury pool can add. A pool adds character and dimension to your backyard. But a pool can not truly shine if it doesn’t have the proper backdrop. Here are some tips for providing the ultimate backdrop for your luxury pool.

Keep your backyard clear of debri
Fall is just around the corner and with it comes lots of falling leaves. Keeping your yard and pool free of debri not only makes your backyard look more luxurious it also prolongs the life of your pool. In addition pruning your flowerbeds and keeping grass short elevates your backyard and makes it look clean and inviting.

Mix fire and water
Contrasting elements adds interest to your poolscape. So what better feature to accompany your luxury pool than an equally luxurious fire pit?

Accent with plants
To create the ultimate luxury retreat you need to incorporate plants. By adding color and texture through plants it will give your pool the extra wow factor to impress your family and friends. Succulents are a popular choice as well as they are evergreen. Plants are not just visually appealing however, tall ornamental grasses and even vines add privacy to your backyard retreat.

Landscape Lighting Design Tips

As a Southlake pool builder we care just as much about the atmosphere of your poolscape after the sun sets as we do during the daylight hours. Creating a magical evening with landscape lighting design allows you to enjoy your pool longer. Here are some design tips for creating a romantic evening retreat in your own backyard.

Mark Parameters
One of the most important reasons for lighting your backyard is safety. Not only does a lit path look beautiful at night, it also allows you to navigate without fear of stumbling. There are a number of ways to mark your pathways including lanterns, string lights, and so on.

Eye-Catching Light
Using different colored lights across your backyard can create a visually interesting landscape. It can also create zones by lighting your pool a different color than you plants or your patio. You can also change the colors depending the mood you’re going for.

Uplighting & Moon Lighting
Uplighting of trees can make for a bolder, more dramatic effect. Lights are placed at the base of the tree and draws attention to the canopy.

If you’re looking for a softer light for a more romantic vibe try down lighting your trees, also known as moonlighting. This is typically done with a cooler light (or blue light) to give the illusion of moonlight streaming through the leaves.

Wall or Water Feature
If you have a feature wall or a low wall that may be hard to see at night lighting your walls can be a beautiful way to showcase your hardscape.

Water features lit from within for a calming effect or up-lit to add drama to your backyard.

6 Essentials for a Great Poolside Patio

As a Mansfield pool builder there’s one thing that is just as important as your pool and that’s your patio. Your patio is the perfect place for fresh air and socializing outdoors. But what are the essentials for a great poolside patio? Well we’re going to lay it out for your step by step.

Every patio needs to have seating suited for the space so consider how many people will typically use the space and what for. Whether it’s an outdoor sofa for a cozy family gathering or bar seating for all the drinks you’ll serve your friends on a hot summer day. Whatever you choose make sure it fits the space.

If you don’t have the space for a full-on outdoor dining area you can easily bring in a coffee table or add a built-in bar height table in to the design.

If you want to enjoy your patio throughout the evening you have to have proper lighting. Outdoor lightning can easily be installed as well as mood lighting like string lights and lanterns.

Rugs and Flooring
Use an outdoor rug to soften the space and bring the comfort of indoors to your backyard. You can also add different flooring for separation of spaces.

Everyone needs a little greenery. Strategically place taller plants or trees for added shade during the day and some fun florals for added color.

An Element of Fire
Fire pits are perfect for all seasons whether it’s to get cozy by the fire during winter or to grill out during the summer months. Adding one of these to your patio space will make your patio useable all throughout the year.

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